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Fast Tow Truck Service

Do you need a towing company? Give us a call at Team America Towing for prompt, professional, and friendly service.  432-999-3516

Trusty Tow Truck Service

If you’re looking for a trusty towing outfit around Odessa, Texas? Well, stop your search right here. Just give that “call now” button a good ol’ click, and one of our sharp tow truck towing drivers will be there lickety-split. We’re up and at ’em 24/7, ready to lend a hand with whatever you’re driving—be it a big rig, family car, pickup, SUV, or even your motorcycle. We ain’t just about towing, though; we got a whole heap of roadside help to offer, too. Rest easy knowin’ our crew’s got the certifications and all the training they need. When it comes to towing and roadside fixin’ in these West Texas parts, includin’ our stomping grounds in Odessa, Team America Towing’s the name folks trust to cut down their wait and get ’em rollin’ again without a hitch.

Tow Truck

At Team America Towing, we don’t just offer reliable towing and roadside assistance in Odessa, Texas, and nearby areas – we genuinely care about the motorists we serve, always putting their safety and peace of mind first in everything we do.

  • Equipment Transport
  • Accident Recovery
  • Tire Change
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Motorcycle Transport
  • Unlock Service
  • Gas Delivery
  • Jumpstart Service

Committed to Serving You!

Out here at Team America Towing in West Texas, helpin’ our valued customers ain’t just a job; it’s a true-blue passion we’ve been ridin’ with for over twenty years. This heart-felt dedication is what’s built us a name folks can rely on and trust through and through, with honesty at its core. We’re not just about towing; we care deeply ’bout each person we help out, and that shines through in our promise to deliver top-notch towing and related services. Our crew, seasoned and savvy as they are, are always aimin’ to go above and beyond, making sure every job’s smooth as a West Texas sunset.

We take pride in offering a whole range of services, including flatbed towing, accident recovery, and roadside help. And yessiree, we’ve got heavy-duty towing and accident recovery for all you tractor-trailer operators out there. Whether you’re driving solo or managing a big ol’ fleet of vehicles, our well-equipped fleet and experienced hands are always ready to lend a helping hand when the going gets tough. Rain or shine, day or night, we keep you in the loop with clear, straight-talkin’ communication, givin’ you the real deal on when we’ll be there and keepin’ you posted if plans change.

Above all, we’re here to look after you, your drivers, and your rigs, making darn sure everyone’s safe and satisfied. That’s the Team America Towing promise, right here in the heart of Odessa, Texas.

Vehicle Transport

Tow truck

Team America Towing specializes in vehicle transport services. With that said, we want you to understand that we are committed to securely and adeptly moving your vehicle wherever it needs to go, be it just across town to a local repair shop or all the way across the state to your trusted mechanic. With our wealth of experience and cutting-edge towing equipment, we promise your vehicle will have a smooth and trouble-free journey, making sure your property arrives at its destination just as it left – in perfect, damage-free condition. You can trust that Team America Towing will go the extra mile to get your vehicle transported on time and intact.

Heavy Duty Towing

Tow truck

Team America Towing excels in offering heavy duty towing services, catering to a wide array of large trucks and equipment. Understanding the challenges that truck drivers face during breakdowns, our approach combines prompt response with technical expertise. Equipped to handle everything from semi-trucks, buses, and RVs to construction equipment and more, our team ensures safe and efficient towing for even the most sizable vehicles. Utilizing advanced towing technology and methods, we guarantee minimal downtime and maximum care, ensuring that each vehicle, no matter its size or type, is transported securely to its destination.

Flatbed Towing

Tow truck

Team America Towing’s Flatbed Towing Services are meticulously crafted to prioritize the safety and protection of your vehicle during transport. We employ an innovative 8-point tie-down system, which is a standout feature of our service. This system is designed to keep your vehicle firmly anchored and stable on the flatbed, significantly reducing the risk of any movement or shifting during transit. By securing the vehicle at multiple points, we ensure that it remains immobile and perfectly secure, regardless of the road conditions or travel distance. This not only protects your vehicle from potential damage but also guarantees damage-free towing.

Quality Towing Resource

Team America Towing and Recovery stands as the pinnacle of towing services, embodying the ideal solution for motorists facing roadside emergencies. We recognize the distress and turmoil that accompany unexpected vehicular issues. Our mission transcends mere towing and recovery; it’s about providing a sense of value and care to each customer, regardless of the time or day. Available around the clock, every day of the year, our team is always prepared to extend a helping hand precisely when you need it, aiming to elevate your perception of what towing services can be.

Our team is composed of seasoned experts who not only have extensive experience but also a genuine passion for delivering top-tier service. Their commitment goes beyond professionalism; they are dedicated to ensuring your safety and satisfaction are at the forefront of their efforts. In moments when your vehicle fails, having our contact, 432-999-3516, close at hand means ensuring swift, reassuring assistance. At Team America Towing and Recovery, we’re devoted to not just fixing your immediate issue but also to providing comfort and reliability during stressful situations, ensuring your vehicle, and your day, are swiftly and smoothly back on track.

Tow truck

When Car Problems Happen Call Team America Towing

Problem: Imagine you’re out driving through the wide-open spaces of West Texas, headin’ on a family trip, when all of a sudden, your truck starts actin’ up and conks out on a lonesome stretch of road. You’re miles from the nearest town, with the sun beatin’ down and not a soul in sight to lend a hand.

Solution: Well, that’s where Team America Towing comes in. We’re just a phone call away, ready to swoop in and save the day. Our crew’s up and runnin’ 24/7, prepared to handle any pickle you find yourself in, especially out on them remote roads. We’ll roll up quick as a jackrabbit, assess the situation with our expert eyes, and either fix up your truck right there or tow it to the nearest shop faster than you can say ‘howdy.’ With Team America Towing, you and your kin can rest easy, knowin’ we’ll get y’all back on the road safe and sound, with hardly a hitch in your plans.

Problem: So there y’all are, a bunch of motorcycle buffs, out for a good ol’ weekend ride ’round the backroads, highroads, and low roads of West Texas. You stop to gawk at the sights and get the dirt out of your teeth, and, lo and behold, you find your bike’s got a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere.

Solution: Well, don’t you fret none, just ring up Team America Towing for some top-notch motorcycle hauling. We understand the special needs these two-wheeled beauties require, and that’s why we use fancy gear like soft straps to keep your ride snug and your paint and chrome dent and scratch-free. Our crew’s all about the details, making sure your bike’s safe and sound on its way to the nearest fix-it shop. It’s this kind of careful, detail-minded motorcycle towing that’s made us the first call for bikers in a bind.

Problem: Picture this: you’re a high-flyin’ business exec who’s parked your fancy car downtown for a meetin’. But when you mosey on back after a few hours, wouldn’t you know it, the darn thing won’t start. Might be a dead car battery or something.

Solution: Now, Team America Towing ain’t just your run-of-the-mill towing service; we got a whole kit and caboodle of roadside assistance available as well. If your car’s got the blues, we can give it a jump-start quicker than a hiccup. And if it needs more than that, we’ll haul it off with our flatbed towing services. We use a fancy 8-point tie-down system to keep your high-end ride as safe as a bug in a rug during transport. So, all you business folks can bet your bottom dollar on us for getting your luxury wheels back on the road, safe and sound.