Flatbed Towing Odessa, TX

Do You Require Flatbed Towing?

Are you searching for a towing company that provides towing services with a flatbed tow truck? Call Team America Towing for prompt, professional, and friendly service.  432-999-3516

Affordable Flatbed Towing Service

Are you stuck on the roadside and in need of a flatbed tow truck to move your all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, SUV, or truck at affordable, transparent rates in Odessa, Texas? We’re pleased to inform you that our dedicated crew at Team America operates a fleet of modern tow trucks, including flatbed trucks, always ready to assist you. Regardless of your vehicle, our highly skilled tow truck operator will handle your situation with the utmost professionalism, respecting your circumstances and ensuring a prompt resolution to your unfortunate breakdown.

From dead batteries and engine failures to mechanical issues like tire blowouts, coolant leaks, and car suspension problems, our experienced team at Team America possesses comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of all vehicle types. This ensures that we can safely load, transport, and deliver your asset to your desired destination, giving you the confidence that your vehicle is in capable hands.

Flatbed Towing

At Team America Towing, we go beyond providing dependable towing and roadside assistance in Odessa, Texas, and its vicinity. Our priority is the well-being of the motorists we assist; ensuring their safety and peace of mind guide every action we take.

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  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Flatbed Transport
  • Tire Change Service
  • Gas Deivery
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Unlock Service
  • Battery Boost

Dedicated To Top Notch Towing

When searching for a towing company to service your vehicle roadside, whether you need a tow, tire change, or a couple of gallons of gas, look no further than our team at Team America Towing. For more than twenty years, team American has been assisting motorists. We are genuinely dedicated to the trade of towing and our customers. Honesty is at the forefront of our team because we know that’s what it takes to build lifelong friendships.

We’re not just your average towing company; we genuinely value each individual we help. This dedication shines through in our commitment to providing exceptional towing and related services. With our skilled team, we aim to surpass expectations, making every job seamless from the moment you call to the delivery of your vehicle.

Our range of professional towing and roadside assistance services is vast, with tow truck operators who are wreckmaster certified and have mastered services such as flatbed transport, accident recovery, and roadside assistance. If you drive a tractor-trailer operator, we offer heavy-duty towing and accident recovery coverage. Whether you’re a single operator or managing a fleet of vehicles, with our well-equipped modern fleet and experienced team, you can always count on us to tackle any emergency roadside breakdown that comes your way 24/7. Rain or shine, day or night, we keep you informed with clear, direct communication, providing accurate arrival times and updates if plans change.

Our response times are fast because we prioritize your safety and the safety of passing motorists. Therefore, when you need a highly professional towing service company to assist you in West Texas, give Team America Towing a ring 24/7 for safe, reliable, and affordable services.

Truck Towing

Tow truck

Do you need a towing company that knows how to tow your truck? No matter the size of your truck or how you use it, we can tow it. We tow light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks short and long distances around the clock. Whether you need a tow due to an engine malfunction or suspension reasons, you can count on us to get your truck where you want it safely without any hassle.

Classic Car Transport

Flatbed Towing

Don’t want to take the chance of being in an accident with your classic car while driving it to the car show? Or maybe you want to keep the mileage low for pristine showability? Give us a ring at Team America and we’ll transport your classic vehicle with our flatbed transport service. It’s safe and reliable and will keep your vehicle out of harm’s way to and from the car show.

RV Towing

Flatbed Towing

Are you traveling through Odessa in your motorhome and have encountered engine problems that require a tow? Team America has a vast knowledge of towing all types of motorhomes, fifth wheels, small campers, and more. We offer safety, accountability, and affordability. When you need a professional team for emergency roadside assistance service, Team America is the best in the area.

The Best Towing In The West

At Team America, we are seasoned experts with loads of experience. But it’s more than our experience that sets us apart from all the other towing companies in Odessa, Texas. It’s our genuine passion for delivering top-tier towing and roadside assistance services. Our commitment is more than providing professional services. It’s about ensuring you are safe and 100 percent satisfied.

 When your vehicle fails, having a reliable, trustworthy team close at hand is crucial when you require swift, reassuring assistance. From providing speedy comfort to proving the utmost reliability when you need help on the roadside, there’s no towing company more dedicated than TeamTowing and Recovery. Therefore, when your car is in the ditch, needs a tow, needs help with a flat tire, or has a dead car battery, we are here to fix immediate issues by providing you top-tier towing and roadside assistance services around the clock swiftly and seamlessly to get you back on track.

Flatbed Towing

When Car Problems Happen Call Team America Towing

Problem: Imagine you’re driving to work and you hear a loud bang with a following of patty cake. So, you pull over to the right shoulder slowly and safely. You get out only to find you have a flat tire.

Solution: What seems like a huge problem to you we can solve for you within minutes when you call us. Team America will ride in with holstered tools ready to get you and your vehicle back on the road. So, when you need a reliable roadside assistance company to save the day, that’s where Team America comes in.

Problem: So you’re out and about on your motorcycle, taking a Sunday drive, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, when your bike experiences an engine breakdown, leaving your Sunday afternoon BBQ on the sidelines.

Solution: There’s no need to put that Sunday afternoon BBQ on hold when you have a trusted towing service company by your side. Team America offers fast, dependable, and reliable towing services to ensure your bike gets either to your home or to your repair shop safely and hassle-free. Our rates are affordable, and we use an eight-point tie-down system that ensures your bike will be snug as a bug during transport.

Problem: Today is your big day. It’s your big chance to climb up the company ladder at your marketing job by giving the big ad campaign for an up-and-coming clothing line and your marketing firm. You head to the garage, turn the key over, and nothing happens. But you can’t be late today.

Solution: Your best course of action to get to work on time when you have a dead car battery is to give us a call at Team America Towing. We offer fast roadside assistance services to help get you back on the road without any delay. Life happens, but Team America Towing is here around the clock to help you get your car back on track.