Truck Towing Odessa, TX

Heavy Duty Truck Towing Service

Are you searching for a heavy duty towing company to tow your tractor trailer or heavy duty truck? Team America Towing offers prompt, professional, heavy duty towing services 24/7. Call us at 432-999-3516

Professional Truck Towing Service

Team America is a professional heavy-duty towing company with the proper credentials, such as a valid business license to operate in Odessa, Texas. We also have comprehensive insurance to protect our customers against possible damage that could occur during the towing process. In addition, we have liability insurance, property insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Our tow truck operators are up to date with a CDL license and are Wreckmaster Certified. Our tow trucks and equipment are of the highest quality and meet and exceed regulatory standards and safety requirements. We inspect and maintain tow trucks, winches, straps, and other towing accessories daily to ensure our equipment is in the best working order. Then, to ensure you receive efficient flatbed towing and roadside assistance services, our tow truck operators consistently stay current on the latest towing safety practices and procedures with ongoing training on towing techniques, safety protocols, and customer service.
To sum it up, Team America is on of the higest prepared heavy duty towing companies in Odessa for all your heavy duty towing, quick response tractor trailer towing, RV towing and more. No matter the hour of the day or night, you can depend on our expertise to keep your fleet on the road. From towing, pull starts, and jump starts to vehicle accident recovery services, you can always trust Team America Towing to help.

Truck Towing

Please take a moment to see what we have to offer our customers. But remember, we are more than just a go-to towing company that offers effecient and affordable towing and roadside assistance services for your light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles; we are about prioritize the well-being of all the motorists we assist

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  • Medium Duty Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Accident Recovery Services
  • Winching Service
  • Classic Car Towing
  • Unlock Service
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Motorcycle Transport
  • Battery Boost
  • Gas Delivery
  • Semi Swaps

Efficient Towing And More

At Team American, efficiency makes us stand out as the leading choice when you need help getting your heavy vehicle where you need it. Whether from a big rig breakdown, accident, or semi-swap, you can count on us for efficient and reliable service. Our efficiency comes from having only the best qualified heavy duty tow truck operators with advanced training in the intricacies of towing large vehicles, including proper attachment methods, weight distribution, and safe driving techniques. They also have the expertise to handle challenging situations such as recovery operations or navigating tight spaces. At the top is safety; we always follow all safety protocols, including a full inspection of the vehicle and cargo to ensure proper load securement and established safety protocols during towing and transportation. We provide clear communication to our customers on arrival times and open and transparent communication among our towing team members and law enforcement. Our communication also involves listening to our customers to meet their needs and expectations.

By integrating these components into our heavy-duty towing services, our customers will receive efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction no matter the hour of the day or night you need a helping hand with your tractor-trailer, dump truck, semi, or more.

Semi Towing

Tow Towing

Have semi down and need a swap? Or your driver is AWOl, and you need us to retrieve your tractor. No matter the reason, you require a professional towing company to provide you with a strategic and efficient swap to keep your cargo moving; you can count on Team American for a job well done.

Tractor Trailer

Truck Towing

 Team America Towing specializes in towing tractor trailers, large trucks, and equipment. We prioritize quick response times. With our technical expertise we can tow everything from semi-trucks to construction machinery, and with our advanced techniques and equipment you can count on us to minimize downtime and ensure secure Our capabilities include towing semi-trucks, buses, and RVs to lifting and transporting construction machinery and beyond.

Load Shifts

Truck Towing

Did your driver have to break suddenly to avoid hitting a minivan? Is your rig stuck at the scale because it’s overweight? Give us a call at Team America. You can count on us to redistribute your loan to get you legally back on the road. Don’t risk damaging your cargo or being in an accident when Team America is only a phone call away.

Looking For A Trustworthy Towing Crew?

There’s no better go-to trusted team in Odessa, Texas, than Team America. Our credentials stand out loud and clear. We are a reliable resource for any roadside emergency you may find yourself in, whether you are a residential motorist, heavy-duty fleet owner, or a single-operator heavy-duty driver. You can rely on us from residential to fleet towing services for prompt, safe, and efficient towing solutions for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, and heavy duty vehicles. With state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, we ensure secure transportation and strive to exceed customer expectations with our exceptional customer service and dedication to vehicle safety.

Our team is here around the clock to provide the highest quality emergency roadside assistance that best fits your roadside breakdown needs. Our commitment is more than just hooking up and towing; it’s about exceeding all expectations to ensure our customers are more than satisfied and know they are in the best hands with our team at Team America.

Truck Towing

Heavy Duty Problems? Reach Out To Team America

Problem:  Imagine your driver is making a delivery to Rose BAR-B-Q at 4:00 am. It’s dark, and he didn’t see the parking lot stopper backing over it. The truck’s undercarriage is on top of it, leaving him high-centered.

Solution:  To ensure your driver can continue, the best solution is to call us at Team America. You can count on us for a quick solution no matter the hour, day, and no matter how big or small your roadside heavy-duty emergency may be.

Problem: Your driver jumps into his truck to hit the road, but it won’t start. He checks the fuel supply, and it’s short on fuel.

Solution: We’ve got your back. Give us a ring, and we will bring you enough diesel to get your truck running and on the road so your driver can get to the nearest diesel pump to satisfy your truck’s fuel needs. Our heavy duty wrecker drivers are always here to help be the solution to all your heavy duty roadside assistance needs around the clock.

Problem: Your driver is lost and took a wrong turn down a narrow road, limiting his ability to turn around. Now he’s sitting jackknifed and requires assistance to get the truck turned around and back on course safely.

Solution:  We’ve seen it all here at Team America. Never fear, our heavy-duty tow truck operators are here to save the day. With just a touch of the “CALL NOW” button, we’ll dispatch our skilled team to your location and have your driver back on course in a matter of minutes. Count on us for reliable and efficient towing services in Odessa, Texas, and beyond. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.